úterý 24. prosince 2013

Lana Del Rey ♡ Wavy CHRISTMAS Hair ♡ Bored

So he wrote me yesterday again, and I think it's so ridiculous, because he is just so lame.
It's not even sweet.

Hey babies! I'm feeling great. Kinda bored. I wanted to go out with my sweet friend Enter, but he can't. My hair is so pretty today, after really long time. I feel so weird about Lana Del Reys song ' Axl Rose husband ' . Listening to ' Ridin ' all day long.

I have nothing to say, to be honest. I just wanted to let you know, that I'm having such a boring time right now and I wish you Merry Christmas with all my heart.

Much love,
Ali xx

pondělí 23. prosince 2013

Christmas ♡ Hair ♡ Trashy

So it's Christmas tomorrow. It feels like spring outside, and my ' Christmas mood ' is almost all gone. I'm gonna cry. Today I want to watch most of the Christmas films, to get my Christmas mood back!

My hair is mess. I need to go to my hairstylist to cut my hair tips off. It's all so messy and destroyed and boring. I seriously don't know what to do with my hair anymore. NO DYING anymore. I just need change!
I'm 2 scared to cut my hair short, and I don't even want to, but I need to make my long hair more fancy. PLEASE.

It's Christmas tomorrow. Still cannot believe it.
Someone called me trashy yesterday and it made me feel so comfortable actually. Maybe I should be trashy and even more trashy, because being trashy white girl is the anthem of success. And success is what we all need in life. And money. But that is just the goal of being trashy, so.. yea.
I'm having really bad pimples, it's probably one of those period in teenage years. Well, it sucks.

Cannot wait to Wednesday, and being back in Poland
Cannot wait to more more more of food and clothes and people and stuff

I miss my old pedo friend
" do you want to come to my motel honey? 
do you want to hold me down, tell me that you love me? "


sobota 21. prosince 2013


I'm so happy! me and my mother are kinda like fighting all the time, but who cares. Christmas makes everything better. literally. my good friend Patrick spends all his Christmas time, being horny. love that kid. he's one of our group. I found out, we have new place where to hang out, but it's too far away from my home, so I'll probably die in my room, which I was cleaning for 3 hours today ( and I still hate that hovel ) I was outside with my best friend yesterday, and she got me the best Christmas present, I have ever got. seriously. better than my phone or everything. it's my biggest love.
You could also see on my Instagram, if you follows me It's ' Lana Del Reys ' necklace!!!!!
I got her basic t-shirt from H&M, she loves it too, hopefully ♡ 
I'm reading book by Stephen King( he's one of my biggest crushes - 
delicious to the maximum )
Heart in Atlantis, pretty much amazing.
much love,
Ali xx

P.S. have you all amazing CHRISTMAS and stay HAPPY♡ and do Decembeaver
cuz it's good thing 

čtvrtek 19. prosince 2013

Candles ♡ Random ♡

I had quite a normal day, but now it all feels so sad. I've got some new candles, so it feels more like Christmas finally. It was so boring at school, because we weren't learning that much, but there was nothing to do. My nails are white, and I love that. it's so lovely, kinda perverse too♡

I'm ready to die tomorrow
It will be so tiring. I'm not going to school, so I was thinking, I'll sleep until 10 AM, then I'll go to library and to my best friend. but I'll have to wake up at 7 AM, to pick up my christmas present for my mother. she pisses me off so much today, by the way.
And that's what makes me so pissed. 

I don't know what I'm gonna do on weekend. on Saturday, I will go out with my classmates. 
one of them, I like in some way. I've got lovely presents from my classmate Claire. thank you Claire.

úterý 17. prosince 2013

♡ Amercian Christmas ♡ Vomited Gipsy ♡ Hard Last Week ♡

good evening, babies, so there is only 7 more days until Christmas. my mother got some weird idea of American Christmas and she wants to have Christmas just like they. she said, we are going to have lovely Christmas dinner and next morning, we will unpack our presents. I was shocked by her opinion and I said, I just cannot definetly do something like that. I want to have Christmas just like us, just like our Christmas - the same, every year. maybe she'll chill out. I feel great. my best, best, bestie is back and my old best, best, bestie is gone. I found out some things about her.. and I realised, she's just one big fake full of fake craps. mm.. nevermind. I'm happier now, but this week is definetly just so annoying. It's the last week before Christmas and I've got a lot of work at school. tomorrow I'm going to school at 7 A.M., because I will write test from maths again, and I finally understand to maths right now, so.. yea! happy ice-cream jump sound.

then I'll have to talk about my summer camp to all of my classmates, because it was my homework to do something like that and I'm not nervous, I just feel uncomfortable about that, because I think, I'll fucked that up. definetly peops. I found out today, that we will be still learning on Thursday at school. I thought, we will be free for the rest of week after Wednesday. haha, omfg, silly me. I literally just cried in my soul, when my teacher said " yes, we will be learning on Thursday ". I just cried.

sobota 7. prosince 2013

Sad ♡ Snow ♡ People around me ♡ Tropico ♡

heyy! I feel like a shit. It was beautiful morning. I woke up and there was snow outside! I'm so happy, that there is finally snow and if you follow me on Instagram you could see yesterday night, what somebody did in front off our house! It's beautiful. but then something broke me again. I saw that my ex boyfriend is in relationship and if you are girl, and you are very girly girly girl or you ever been in big love, you must understand how weird feeling it was for me. he is in relationship with one girl from our school. that's like the most weird and it makes me sad. but yea, you know.. he's jerk, he's silly and I'd like to punch him! 

neděle 1. prosince 2013

December ♡ Sunday Night ♡ My Gramma on Facebook ♡

heyyy!! it's Sunday night and I really don't like the fact, that tomorrow is MONDAY!!!! goosh.
It's finally December, and I'm so excited for Christmas shopping, Christmas tea, Christmas films, Christmas time with my family, Christmas snowing and ofcourse - CHRISTMAS FOOD, oh hell!!
I've got some problems with eating for the last 2 months, but I seriously want to enjoy Christmas in food haha. I'm pretty much blessed, because this week we're having project days in our school. so we basically don't learn for 2 days of the week. isn't that just awesome? to be honest, I feel really weird about my gramma having facebook. it's ridiculous. she's basically just sending me those facebook stamps all the time. ok, gramma. you're sweet, but please.. STOOOP!